This year the Portuguese American Cultural Center (PACC) will celebrate 36 years of existence and its 20th year in its own building.   On January 17th during a General Assembly and in the presence of many members, a new Board of Directors was elected and started the new year of 2024 with new prospects, objectives and visions for the popular and active club.  Wishing this new Board a year full of successes for 2024.

The full Board of Directors:

General Assembly: President-Ivone Carneiro, Vice President-Ana Paula de Almeida, Secretary-Márcio Oliveira

Board: President-Antonio Dos Santos; Vice Presidents-José Carvalheiro, José Carlos Madalena & Julio Pereira; Treasurers-Célia Pedro & Joaquim Matos; Secretaries- Lucy Kelley, Evonne Ligeiro & Fernanda Pereira.

Fiscal Committee: President-Francisco Bahia, Vice President-Manuel Ramalho, Secretary-Nina Sousa

Directors: António Cruz, Elvira Pinto, Hermes Pedro, Joaquim Gonçalves, Joaquim Rodrigues, José Pedreira, Maria R. Silva, Manuel Goulart & Ricardo Neves

Disciplinary Committee: Kenny Gonçalves, Paulo Amaral and Paulo Rodrigues

The Portuguese American Cultural Center (PACC) of Palm Coast is located at 1200 Palm Harbor Parkway.  To become a member, to book an event, or for more information about scheduled activities, please visit or call 386-446-3910.


Sitting from left to right:  Manuel Ramalho, Nina Sousa, Márcio Oliveira, Ana Paula de Almeida, Ivone Carneiro, Antonio dos Santos, José Carvalheira, José Madalena, Célia Pedro, Lucy Kelley and Evonne Ligeiro

Standing from left to right:  Paulo Amaral, Julio Pereira, Fernanda Pereira, Ricardo Neves, Maria R. Silva, António Cruz, Manuel Goulart, Joaquim Rodrigues, José Pedreira, Hermes Pedro and Joaquim Matos

Not present: Elvira Pinto, Francisco Bahia, Joaquim Gonçalves, Kenny Gonçalves and Paulo Rodrigues