Ahoy there, Flagler Fishing Fanatics!

Captain Adam Morley here, ready to spill the beans on the latest happenings in our waters. Hold onto your tackle boxes because it’s been quite the aquatic adventure lately.

First up on the reel – a sizzling Whiting bite along the surf from Crescent Beach down to the charming shores of Flagler Beach. It’s like the Whiting threw a party, and everyone’s invited! The hot ticket? Ghost shrimp, my friends. If you’ve got a pump and can sniff them out like a shrimp detective, you’re in for a treat. Now, for those not up for a shrimp scavenger hunt, fear not! Fresh dead shrimp and trusty Fishbites are your easy and safe alternatives. It’s a Whiting wonderland out there, and they’re biting like they’ve got a hot date with your bait!

But the real stars of the surf scene? Big Bluefish making waves from the sandy shores into the mighty Matanzas River. Picture this: casting spoons that could double as dinner plates, luring in those blues like it’s a culinary masterpiece. The blues are putting on a show, and you’re the director of this surfside spectacle. Time to flex those casting muscles and join the bluefish bash!

Now, let’s take a detour to the inshore havens, where Flounder reports are trickling in like gossip at a fisherman’s soirée. Genung’s Fish Camp has the inside scoop, and it’s all about the flat, fabulous Flounder. But hold onto your hats, anglers, because the real inshore MVPs are still the Redfish, Trout, Black Drum, and Sheepshead. These fellas are like the A-listers of Flagler’s waters, stealing the spotlight with their cooperative nature – they know how to work a crowd, especially this time of year.

And guess what? The Flagler Sportfishing Club is throwing a shindig you don’t want to miss! March 9th is the date, and the Members Clinic is where the magic happens. We’ve got professionals dishing out tricks and tips for every fishing style under the sun. And guess who’s stepping up to the mic? Yours truly, Captain Adam Morley, talking tides and how to fish them like a seasoned sea maestro. It’s a chance to soak in knowledge, swap stories, and connect with fellow fishing aficionados.

So, gear up, bait up, and set your sights on the fishing frenzy unfolding in Flagler County and the Matanzas River. The waters are buzzing with excitement, and you wouldn’t want to miss the party beneath the waves.

Wishing you tight lines and fish tales for days,

Captain Adam Morley