PALM COAST, Fla. (February 28, 2024) – When the kids win in education, a community wins, and the Fitzgerald Performing Arts Center had winners on hand Tuesday evening as B2Wins Music took the stage. Showing kids in the Flagler Youth Orchestra what is possible, Brazilian twins Wagner and Walter Caldas sizzled on stage as they ran through their portfolio.

Not your stereotypical strings players, who knew Guns ‘N Roses’s ‘Sweet Child of Mine’ could sound so good on the classical instruments?

The Lopez family gets a photo with B2Wins Music.

Sponsored by the Palm Coast Business & Professionals Network, the Fitzgerald Performing Arts Center was able to make tickets available for students in the Flagler Youth Orchestra, and families were thrilled to take advantage of the opportunity.

Standing with his family after the show for a photo with the stars, Jorge and Natalie Lopez shared their excitement about the show, especially for the three kids in the Flagler Youth Orchestra.

“The kids, they were given tickets through a scholarship I think the auditorium had. We have three musicians in the youth orchestra and so they were excited about coming,” said Jorge Lopez.

“It was very inspirational to hear because they come from such poverty. I’m a family of immigrants as well and I try to tell them that the poverty that we came from that they don’t see,” he shared. “Hopefully they can get something from that as well.”

Violaist Naomi Lopez gave the show a thumbs up.

“I liked it. I thought it was cool. I’ve never seen music like that before,” she said.

Beth Ryan and Charlie check out the B2Wins merchandise.

Spending time with her sons, Beth Ryan said her family was inspired by the story of overcoming challenges to earn success.

“My other son Lucas is in the Flagler Youth Orchestra and he plays the stand-up bass. Their story is very inspiring because they started with very little, and now they travel all over the country and even Europe and get to perform music,” said Ryan.

Teacher Kristin Cavill, attending with son Blake, shared the same sentiment after hearing the story of the Caldas brothers.

“I think it was really inspiring considering that they came from poverty and they’re making it here,” said Cavill. “They’re just so talented and fantastic. They brought a lot of joy to the community.”

Margaret McDonah, Helen June Walleser and Carrie Bringe from Iowa.

Snowbird Carrie Bringe and her two sisters from Iowa, Margaret McDonah and Helen June Walleser had no idea the B2Wins Music performers were practically neighbors.

“I thought it was great,” said Bringe.

“I’d go see them again. I looked up their tour and they’re in Jacksonville,” added McDonah.

Heading out, Diana Kaplan stopped to express her delight over the show to Fitzgerald Performing Arts Center Director Amelia Fulmer.

The Kaplans celebrate their anniversary at The Fitz.

“Friends mentioned it and said would you like to go tonight. It was just terrific. Totally unexpected. First time I’ve ever heard of these guys and I hope they come back,” said Kaplan, who was able to enjoy the show with her husband as part of their 46th anniversary celebration evening.

Season ticket holders Walt Hooker and wife Roberta were spotted dancing during the show, and shared their appreciation for the performer’s interactive routine with the audience.

“We were extremely pleasantly surprised. They have an amazing story to tell, they should be listened to, maybe go to schools and have kids that are growing up and think they have a tough time, listen to their story,” said Hooker. “They had it a whole lot tougher than any kid around here.”

They’re already looking forward to the next show on March 23 when the Fitzgerald Performing Arts Center welcomes The Doo Wop Project.

Walt and Roberta Hooker.

Sharing their appreciation for the world to see on social media, B2Wins gave their stop in Palm Coast a big hug.

“Amelia! Thank you so so much for having us in your wonderful community. We had an absolute joyful time with you all. Thank you for taking the chance on us and welcoming us with open arms. You have a special place in our hearts and we cannot wait to top it all again on the next one. Big hug!”