The 3rd Annual Million Dollar Food-A-Thon kicks off Saturday March 16th with “Food Truck Palooza!”  Over 40 food trucks, live entertainment, kids fun zone, street vendors and a muscle/collector car show will take over the Flagler Palm Coast High School parking lot on Bulldog Drive.

“Last year we fed 4500 families each month, this year we have over 5500 in need” said Pastor Charles Silano with the Grace Community Food Bank.

Each registered family receives a box filled with a healthy variety of foods that would cost about $150 at the grocery store. Silano also has wholesale buying power so he can buy a $150 box of food for about $30.

The Food A Thon does much more than feed local families in need. If you do the math

$150 x 5500 =$825,000 per month families don’t have to spend on groceries.  That’s $600 per month that can pay for car payments, gas, medical, kids clothes, etc.

“We’re asking everybody to come out eat some great food, have a good time, enjoy live music & bring the kids, said David Ayres, Flagler Broadcasting’s President & GM.” The event is Saturday March 16th from 11am – 6pm.  Southern Chaos and Robert Keele Band will entertain, car show is courtesy of the Bad Ass Car Club.

$5 parking donation and percent of food truck sales goes directly to the food bank.

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