Captain Adam Morley here with the latest fishing scoop! The redfish have bid adieu to the back of the creeks, making a grand entrance onto the flats. Over at Matanzas Inlet, the sheepshead are still putting on a show, and the black drum are as plentiful as ever. Trout enthusiasts, you’re in luck – they’re biting well.

Hold onto your reels because the real stars of the week are the absolute studs in blue – bluefish, that is! I’ve heard tales of these feisty fighters tipping the scales at over 10 pounds. Now, that’s a catch worth boasting about.

As we feel the hint of spring in the air, the fish patterns are doing a lively dance, and the water is buzzing with the energy of baitfish. So, gear up, get out there, and let the excitement of the changing season reel you in.

Tight lines, Captain Adam Morley

Chris from Skinny Water Lures mentioned this week’s bite was a little slow for us. These Winter months have the inshore bite a little challenging due to cooler water temperatures, but there are still opportunities to catch fish in our area. Anglers have been targeting species such as sheepshead, black drum, and redfish in the winter months.

Sheepshead are a popular target in the winter as they are known to congregate around structures such as docks, jetties, and bridges. These fish have strong teeth and are often caught using fiddler crabs or barnacles as bait. Patience and a light touch are key when targeting sheepshead in the winter. Good reports of sheepshead being caught along the high bridge area on an incoming tide.

Multiple reports of black drum are being caught around the Matanzas inlet area. These fish are often caught using live or cut bait such as shrimp or crab. They are typically found in deeper holes and around oyster beds. Anglers will need to use heavier tackle to reel in these hard-fighting fish.

Smaller schools of Redfish were found this week in the longcreek area. Those big schools of upper slot redfish have seem to disappear from the shallow creeks and pushed out into deeper waters. This week we found the Redfish in shallow waters near oyster beds and grassy flats. Lure of choice was the SWL green goblin 4inch. Dragging these lures across the bottom super slow had the fish chewing. You may need to adjust their fishing techniques based on the colder water temperatures.

Overall, during these winter months, inshore fishing can be a bit more challenging but with the right tactics and a bit of patience, anglers can still have success catching fish during this season. Dress warmly, bundle up, and get out on the water for a chance to reel in some winter inshore catches.