1. How does this make you feel after pouring your heart and soul into your music for the world to enjoy?

Myself and my bandmates are truly honored and humbled beyond belief. To be a part of this and be recognized and acknowledged for our contributions to the music industry seems like a dream come true. Several years ago we won SiriusXM Channel 21’s “Coolest Songs In The World” on Little Steven’s Underground Garage for a few of our songs and it was quite an accomplishment and we were so honored for those accolades. Then this past year our latest song “Magically Delicious” hit the #37 song of 2023 on the New Visions Radio indie rock charts with the likes of Alice Cooper, Ian Hunter, The Tearaways and more. So that was really awesome for us too.  We also are fortunate to receive international airplay on radio stations globally and podcast and streaming shows too. Being inducted into the California Music Hall of fame though, really was quite a surprise and we are humbled to be amongst all the other absolute legendary artists that were inducted before us, as well as all the entertainers being inducted with us this year. To put it mildly and quite honestly, we are completely blown away and as I write this, my eyes are full of tears of joy.

2. Do you have a song you would like to play if asked at the induction ceremony? 

Yes, we WILL BE playing our SiriusXM Ch. 21 “Coolest Song In The World” hit “Outta’ Sight” at the induction ceremony onstage..

3. Did you know your work would be Hall of Fame worthy, especially among such prestigious company? 

Every musician and artist is always trying their best to always move ahead and do the absolute best they can and find their niche in the artistic canvas. We have worked hard and have been incredibly lucky enough to work, record and/or perform with legendary artists such as Mark Dawson of The Grass Roots, Dennis Tufano of The Buckinghams, Steve Boone of The Lovin’ Spoonful, Tony Valentino of The Standells, Ron Dante of The Archies and The Turtles Happy Together Tour, and the late Gary DeCarlo of Steam just to name a few. I feel like we worked really hard to hone our craft, our songwriting and in the studio recording too and it seems the music we created spoke to enough people out there. We are not a cover or tribute band…but rather an originals band for the most part, and rarely do a cover. When we do a cover song, we sometimes have been fortunate enough to have an original member of the band on the recording with us or to perform it in concert with us. We have 3 full length albums out and 2 additional singles to our credit as of 2024. We have spent significant time and resources to produce our live shows with a 60’s/70’s palette with authentic dancing go-go dancers with us and have produced very well-crafted music videos that we have filmed. Our music videos have taken us from the east coast of Florida, to the great state of New York, to the west coast of California. We have definitely honed some musical skills. But to think our work would be Hall of Fame worthy? Well that really came as a surprise. There are so many great artists and bands that really deserve this accolade and we truly want all of them to get what they deserve. So many bands have paid their dues and then some, and we feel maybe less deserving to a point and hope they too will get recognized for their incredible contributions. Thank you to all the musicians and entertainers who came before us, to those currently rockin’ and performing every day, and for those that are yet to be discovered. All we can say is “thank you all for what you do in the world of music”.

4. What does it mean to you to have Dennis co-inducting you into the Hall of Fame?

It’s a dream come true. Dennis is one of my very closest friends in the music business. I really look up to him as a vocalist and respect everything he has done. From his old band The Buckinghams, to his acting and voice work in films and TV shows, to working with the likes of Olivia Newton-John and Bernie Taupin who was co-writer of many of Elton John’s songs, to him singing the theme song to the Michael J Fox TV Show Family Ties, to his tribute to Bobby Darin shows and so much more. Not only do I think of him as a mentor and a musical hero of mine, but he also is one of my very dearest friends in entertainment and one of the most authentic and caring people in the biz. Simply put, he’s one cool cat!

I am also thrilled to have my good friend and leader of the band “Beach St. A Go-Go” TJ Rosenman co-induct us. He is a fabulous entertainer and an incredible human being.

5. What advice would you give to aspiring musicians and entertainers? 

My advice is to not to be afraid to dig deep and find something in you to fully express yourself as an artist. Carve out a niche by thinking outside of the box and look at finding something original or something that you can find a way to bring a touch of the past into the present that can resurface again. Always be willing to try something new in your entertainment field no matter what it may be. Flexibility to change gives you new experiences. New experiences make you a well-rounded artist. Never forget you can reinvent yourself in an ever-changing environment just like the industry does. Remember though, you’ll never know until you give it a shot and be willing to learn. Lastly, the entertainment world is definitely a business for sure, but for me it is more of a feeling, an emotion and a personal expression of yourself. It’s a lot of hard work and dedication too. To quote the band AC/DC; “It’s a long way to the top (If you wanna rock ‘n’ roll)”. Just keep trying with everything you have inside and never give up. Live your dream!