Ahoy, Flagler anglers! Captain Adam Morley here with your latest fishing scoop. Now, folks, I’ve been out on the water a few times this week, and let me tell you, the reports are as unpredictable as the weather we’ve been dealing with lately.

The inconsistent weather has been throwing a curveball, slowing down the incoming reports. As I chased those elusive reds, I found the usual suspects—under slot redfish cozying up in the holes. But here’s the twist: those larger slot-size reds seem to have pulled a disappearing act from the creeks I’ve been scouting. It’s like they’ve declared, “Movin’ Day,” and I’m left pondering where they’ve set up shop now – flats or deeper waters, perhaps?

The inshore scene saw a bit of a temperature boost this past week, and that may just be the catalyst for the redfish changing their tunes. Water temperatures, the puppet masters of fish behavior, seem to be orchestrating a symphony of change.

Now, let’s talk trout. A couple of solid reports just off the main channel of the ICW got my attention, especially those on top water. Trout on top water is nothing new, but this time of year I’d say it’s a little unusual.

(Drew with a Trout on Top Water)


Hold onto your fishing hats, folks, because here comes the plot twist – pompano sightings in the river and surf up in Jacksonville. I know, it’s like spotting a snowman in July. Cooler temperatures usually mean it’s pompano vacation time, but here they are, making waves. Nature’s full of surprises!

If you’re in the Matanzas Inlet neighborhood, the sheepshead bite remains strong, and the black drum are throwing their weight around. The weekend forecast might not be all sunshine and rainbows, but here’s the silver lining – you won’t have to elbow your way to your favorite fishing spot. Less crowd, more serenity on the water.

So, Flagler anglers, hit up your go-to bait and tackle shop, gear up, and embrace the unpredictable dance of the tides. Fish on! ?

Chris from Skinny Water Lures mentioned. As the temperatures remained chilly, the fishing bite had been remarkably good. However, this week brought a welcome change as the outside temperatures spiked into the low 80’s for a short period. This sudden shift in temperature ignited the feeding frenzy among the usually sluggish and lethargic fish. Mid-week, we decided to explore a new area near the 206 bridge in search of redfish. With no prior experience in this location, we opted to venture out in our kayaks to navigate the skinny waters more easily. Despite the challenging conditions posed by gusts of wind reaching up to 30mph, we donned our PFDs and set out determined to make the most of the day. The fishing grounds resembled a maze of oyster bars, but we were prepared for this challenge. Setting out with the incoming tide, we aimed to cover more ground and increase our chances of encountering the redfish known to gather in the deeper holes. To entice the redfish, we started the morning by using a 4-inch Skinny Water Lures green goblin paddle tail fished near the bottom. Our patience paid off as the fish responded quickly to this presentation, resulting in the capture of a substantial 27-inch redfish and several others in the 18-19 inch range. The key was to work the lure slowly along the bottom, despite the obstacles posed by the oyster bars. By mid-day, we switched to a SWL suspending twitch bait, enabling us to slow down the retrieval while maneuvering the lure over the flooded oyster bars without the risk of getting snagged. This adjustment proved effective, leading us to catch a 28-inch, a 23-inch, and several 19-inch redfish using this technique. We emphasized the importance of persistence during colder months, noting that where there is one fish, there are usually multiple. By repeating our efforts in the same areas, we maximized our chances of landing multiple catches in a single location. While the trout bite was slower this week, reports indicated that a few lower slot trout were caught in areas of deep moving water. Additionally, several good reports surfaced of snook being caught in the evening around the High Bridge area using Skinny Water Lures topwater lures. Overall, it was a successful fishing outing filled with challenges.