Howdy, fishin’ fanatics! Capt. Adam Morley here with your latest Flagler News Weekly fishing report. Now, folks, brace yourselves because we’ve got some tales from the waters that even the fish are whispering about.

Down at Genung’s Fish Camp, we’re getting slow reports trickling in, and it’s not because folks are tight-lipped about their catches. Nope, it’s Mother Nature throwing a curveball. Some of the old-timers, the legends of the sea, are saying it’s the slowest they’ve seen in ages. Even the northerners are thinking twice about casting their lines in these less-than-friendly conditions.

Now, let’s talk inshore. We’re seeing the usual suspects this time of year – the undersized reds are cozying up in the deeper holes, playing hard to get. But guess what? The big boys are showing up fashionably late in the shallows, basking in the afternoon sun like they’re on a tropical vacation. Me? I’ve been chasing success when the water hits that sweet spot above 58°F and on the falling tide. It’s like clockwork, my friends.

But wait, it’s not just about the reds. Black Drum, Sheepshead, and Trout are joining the inshore party, giving anglers a variety show worth the price of admission.

Now, for those brave souls venturing into the surf, reports are streaming in about decent-sized Whiting and some sizable Bluefish making an appearance. It’s like a battle of the braves out there, and these fish are showing no mercy.

And speaking of camaraderie and tales from the tides, let me throw a shoutout to the Flagler Sportfishing Club. These fine folks are meeting up on the first Thursday of each month at Club 51 in Palm Coast at 7 PM. If you’re itching to swap stories, learn a trick or two, or just soak in the fishing vibes, this is the place to be.

So, tighten those lines, folks, ’cause even when the waters are slow, the stories are flowing. Until next time, this is Teddy Baseball signing off. Happy fishin’!

Chris from Skinny Water Lures mentioned this week around the Bing’s landing area the water temperatures was around 56-57 degrees, mostly high tide throughout midday all week with very little to no lunar phase. Even with the cooler temperatures we were able to have sone very good fishing days this week. The beginning of the week we got several reports that there were several good groups of redfish seen hanging around a couple known oyster bars in the area. ‘                                                                                    Midweek we set out just as the sun begin to rise over the calm waters in the Bings Landing area to find these schools of redfish and trout. Once we reached the oyster bed, we focused our presentation using the Skinny Water Lures 3.5inch twitch bait, using the twitch twitch pause method, allowing us to pause the action of this awesome lure right in the strike zone. That twitch twitch pause action allowed this lure to act like a fleeing baitfish and the pause allowed it to mimic as a wounded baitfish as it floats suspended just below the service, laying motionless in the strike zone. It didn’t take long for us to hook up and reel in the first fish of the morning being a beautiful 23inch redfish. The bite was hot, and before long, we had several slot redfish to the boat. As the morning continued we mentioned several times to each other “it’s going to slow down soon” but the bite continued for several hours before it came to a screeching halt. As the morning turned into afternoon, we decided to try our luck at catching some speckled trout. We moved to a nearby grass flat, where the trout were known to congregate. It wasn’t long before the fish started biting again on the SWL twitch bait. Allowing us to pull several 17” and 18” trout out of this area. I’ve mentioned it several times in past reports and I will mention it again. During these winter patterns , slow retrieval is the key to success.