How did you and your brother get into the entertainment industry (was there a family member who inspired you or a gift of an instrument, etc.)?

Mike and I grew up in a family that is very musical. Our mom is a piano teacher and also taught us how to sing. We started the group Human Nature at high school and decided if we wanted to make a career of it, we had to start writing our own songs, so that’s what Mike and I did. Even in the early days of Human Nature when we were doing original music, we were always very inspired by the Motown groups that were similar to what we wanted to be as a vocal group.

Your group has worked with some of Motown’s legends. Who gave the best advice behind the scenes or in the studio and what did you learn from working with them?

Of all the Motown artists we’ve been blessed to work with Smokey Robinson is still the most inspiring. It wasn’t so much of what he told us, but how he conducts himself that’s been wonderful to us. He is so humble and so gracious. A living legend who still has the time to help young artists – That’s incredible.

Do you have a favorite memory of working with Smokey Robinson or Michael Jackson?

The Michael Jackson tour we got to do as a support act was just mind blowing. We performed for more than 110,000 people one night in Germany at a Formula One racetrack and just to witness how Michael completely mesmerized his audience was an amazing lesson for us.

Your album “Jukebox” was a huge hit. What do you think it is about that time period of music in the 50s and 60s that people of all ages enjoy so much?

That era really was the birth of Pop music as we still know it now today – with great melodies and compelling lyrics so I guess so many people have grown up with the songs being their childhood and it still stay’s so relevant to them bringing back such fond memories. The innocence of the lyrics from those days is timeless and what more do you want from a great Pop song, but to sing about love and how it makes you feel.

Talk about your new music. Do you all write and compose your own songs and if so, what’s the inspiration and process for bringing them to life?

My brother, Mike and I have always been the main songwriters for our original Human Nature music, and just a few years ago we did release some new Human Nature songs we had written. For now, Human Nature continues to tour and headline in Las Vegas, whereas Mike and I have a whole bunch of new original songs coming out later this year with an album as The TIERNEY BROTHERS which is super exciting.

What can audiences expect from your show on Friday night and will you hold a meet and greet with the audience?

The show will be high energy full of songs that everyone knows and loves. We tell the brief story of Human Nature and our connection to the music we sing and just leave the audience, feeling so much better at the end of the show than when they walked in. As we are heading straight back to Vegas next morning, we unfortunately won’t be doing any meet and greets but hopefully next time.

“Human Nature: Back to the Sound of Motown as Presented by Smokey Robinson”, will be at The Fitzgerald Performing Arts Center on Friday, January 26, 2024 at 7 PM.

Tickets & Details HERE.