There’s a special class of employees you must never hire.  It’s normal for all employees to have professional challenges or experience a major life stressor. The general rule is encourage, support, and assist them from challenge to success.

However, there are organizational pyromaniacs who start fires just to watch them burn.  Drama, discord, and conflict are their work product.  They have no intention of changing – this is who they are.  They find their joy, purpose, and meaning in life constantly making misery for others and they excel at it.

They lead sad, lonely, and empty lives so they live for the emotional charge they get from the workplace drama they make.  They never see other employees as teammates.  They’re only actors to be used in the plays they write and direct.  It’s all about them and never the customers, the mission, or the team.

They will cost you customers, good employees, and a lot of money.  They will consume a ton of time and energy.  Their reverse ROI will be 50 or 100 times the cost of any value they have.

Your job is not to fix everyone.  Your job is to lead a team to achieve the best results for those you serve.  Be the leader they want to follow, recruit and retain top talent, and preserve and protect your team.