FLAGLER COUNTY, Fla. (December 15, 2023) – Law enforcement is working hard this holiday season to keep people safe on the roads, in their communities and in their homes.

Showing their appreciation for the work done by law enforcement all year long, the Bold Ladies in Business Flagler County chapter selected the Flagler Sheriff’s Employee Assistance Trust (FSEAT) as their nonprofit spotlight for December.

Flagler Sheriff Rick Staly and FCSO Commander Ryan Emery share information about the Flagler Sheriff’s Employee Assistance Trust.

Attending to share a few words about the FSEAT program, Flagler Sheriff Rick Staly and wife Debbie attended the social gathering at the Hammock Community Center on Tuesday, with FSCO Commander Ryan Emery who shared several stories of colleagues whose lives had been impacted by negative events beyond their control and were assisted by the Flagler Sheriff’s Employee Assistance Trust.

Flagler Sheriff Rick Staly, Ana Reyes-Ouzts and FCSO Commander Ryan Emery pause for a photo.

Flagler Sheriff Rick Staly has set a goal of $1 million in the trust fund before he leaves office and is currently halfway to the goal. Tuesday evening the Bold Ladies added another $2,300 to the bottom line.

“These kinds of events just show how engaged the community is with it’s first responders, specifically the sheriff’s office here, and how the community wants to help because our men and women work so hard to serve them,” said Sheriff Staly.

Flagler OARS Executive Director Pam Birtolo and Flagler Sheriff Rick Staly get photo tips from Alina Perry Smith, Fundraising Division Director for the Bold Ladies in Business.

“It’s the first time we’ve kind of gone to a ‘gambling’ establishment but it’s for a good cause, we’re going to have a lot of fun tonight, and of course, it’s not real gambling,” he teased.

A generous donor agreed to match what was raised, surprising everyone.

“That’s very heartwarming, especially in the holiday timeframe, and I know that our employees will appreciate that,” he said.

The Bold Ladies in Business established multiple chapters across Florida in 2023, giving back over $27,000 to area nonprofit organizations according to co-founder and executive director Ana Reyes-Ouzts.

“We’re so proud of what these women have done and next year is going to be even bigger. We’re breaking barriers is 2024,” she said.