Ahoy, Anglers!

I trust this report finds you ready for some exciting tales from the water. The inshore scene is ablaze, with the water temperature hovering in the low 60s. Brace yourselves for a fishing frenzy that’s got everyone buzzing!

Black Drum and Small Redfish Extravaganza: In the deeper holes, where the water holds its temperature like a well-guarded secret, the Black Drum and small Redfish are staging a feast. Live or fresh dead shrimp is the name of the game, and the action is non-stop. Our very own Elon from Genung’s Fish Camp shattered his previous record, boasting a whopping 20 Redfish in the boat. Almost all were under slot, but that didn’t dampen Elon’s spirits – he celebrated every catch like a victory!

Larger Redfish Seek Solitude: Venture way back into the creeks, and you’ll find the larger Redfish soaking up the winter sun in the shallows. Sight fishing enthusiasts, this is your time to shine! Artificials like Minorcan Tackle Co. Jigs and Fishbites Fight Club lures are proving irresistible to these bronze beauties. Get ready for a visual spectacle as you hook into some impressive catches.

Sheepshead Shenanigans: The Sheepshead bite is stealing the spotlight, drawing in anglers from all corners. Fresh delivery of live fiddler crabs on Thursday has set the stage for a convict-catching extravaganza. Rocks, docks, and bridges are prime locations – the sheepshead aren’t shy, and they’re hungry!

What to Expect:

  • Black Drum & Small Redfish: Deeper holes, live or fresh dead shrimp.
  • Larger Redfish: Back in the creeks, sight fishing with artificials.
  • Sheepshead: Rocks, docks, and bridges. Fresh fiddler crabs are the key!

As we sail into the next few months, expect these hotspots to remain fish-friendly. Gather your gear, prep your baits, and get ready for a memorable season on the water.

Tight lines and tall tales, Capt. Adam Morley Genung’s Fish Camp 904.907.5742

Chris from Skinny Water Lures mentioned this week the trout bite has picked up around the Long Creek area. Areas with moving current. Low tide target the deep drop offs and deep holes. Lure of choice was 3 inch hard twitch bait on a twitch, twitch pause action. Good numbers of mid and upper slot snook were caught around the high bridge area on the high tide. The snook could not resist the 4 inch Skinny Water Lures paddle tail in the green goblin color, with a steady retrieve. Good numbers of Redfish were caught this week around the long creek area on the outgoing tide. The topwater bite has still been slow this week due to the drop in temperatures. This week the redfish could not resist the bigger profile of the 4 inch paddle tail. We found with the cooler water temperatures the slow retrieve with several pauses allowing the lure to pause on the bottom for several seconds caught most fish. During these cooler months focus slowing your retrieve down and you will get more bites.