Tell readers about your business and why you started it. 

The To-Do Dudes are students helping homeowners with household chores. Those chores include Moving, Yard Work, Housekeeping, Party/Event Assistance, Furniture Assembly, Tech Help, and other Odd Jobs. We provide value to our customers by simply providing an “extra hand.” Our primary customers are busy professionals or senior citizens, many of whom don’t have the time or can’t complete tasks anymore. We strive to bring a “can do” positive attitude to each customer we serve.

Back in 2020, I realized a gap in the market when assisting my grandmother with the very thing we help customers with today. I was laying down around 250 bags of lava rock when many of my grandmother’s close friends stopped me in the yard. They asked for me to complete other chores around their homes. After five people, in one day, came up to me, the idea finally clicked. I thought there had to be many more people like my grandmother who truly needed the help. She had experiences with contractors not showing up, unfairly charging her, or doing a poor job. I wanted to see if I could change the narrative.

How has it grown over the past few years and what have you learned? 

Reflecting on my time with the To-Do Dudes, there have been countless learning lessons. At first , it was just a way to make some side money while helping neighbors. Our first customer was my grandmother’s next-door neighbor, then a neighbor down the street, then a neighborhood over, then across the community. It has been exciting to watch the power of word-of-mouth marketing at work.

There are two lessons I have learned about entrepreneurship: One spiritual and one about community. First, on a spiritual note, I never believed that entrepreneurship was something I was capable of. I always thought it was so far away from who I was. It was truly a self-limiting belief. Every day, I feel that entrepreneurship challenges me to break past my current beliefs about this world.

It has empowered me to always look for a better way and keep an optimistic energy. Second, impact on a community is more attainable than you realize. The idea of the To-Do Dudes brings together two communities of people, students, and homeowners, that have been searching for a need. When you care about people and search for a problem, you will find a solution.

How proud does it make you to provide gainful employment for members of your age group and train them for a career? 

Part of our purpose statement at the To-Do Dudes is “to inspire and develop the next generation of leaders.” It has been such a joy to see our team members with such strong world-changing ambitions. I believe because of this attitude of working for something bigger than ourselves, we have been able to foster a culture of difference-makers.

We put a large emphasis on learning personal and professional skills at our company. Many of the projects teaches our team skills that can be used for the rest of their lives. Even more valuable, they are learning how to work with teams, develop deeper relationships with customers, become leaders, and more.

We like to say, “when you join the To-Do Dudes, this is simply a vessel to your next career opportunity.” While we would love keep team members for years, we know they are here to get better and jump into their next career endeavor. Seeing team members who joined, spent time with us, and then took the next step towards their desired career, has been one of the most rewarding feelings since starting the company. 

It’s the new year and folks will begin thinking about spring cleaning. What tips would you give to widowed or elderly residents, and how can you help them? 

Approaching the start of 2024, we’re gearing up for new memories and life experiences. Starting the year positively involves planning for success, creating a list of goals, and ensuring a tidy living space.

Personally, I find that scheduling cleaning times into my calendar significantly boosts my motivation. A structured schedule or checklist helps maintain focus on essential tasks, preventing stress. However, even with a well-crafted list, calendar entries, and good intentions, handling chores isn’t always a walk in the park.

If you’re seeking to simplify your life, consider reaching out to the To-Do Dudes. Our main goal is to reduce the stress in your life. You shouldn’t have to constantly worry about household to-do’s; your time should be spent enjoying the new year. Whether it’s cleaning countertops, trimming hedges, rearranging furniture, or assisting with your spring parties, the To-Do Dudes have your back!

Why is this work so meaningful to you as a young entrepreneur? 

One of my personal life goals is to become a motivational speaker encouraging people to push past what they think is possible. I believe we all have been created uniquely and intentionally to do something monumental in this world. This gift we have within us only has to be unlocked. The only way we can unlock this gift is by pushing ourselves past comfortable. Being an entrepreneur at a young age has been risky. I have traded security for an easy avenue to fail. I don’t believe this decision is for everyone. I believe that by walking this road for me, I am only just beginning my journey of who I was created to be. There are exciting times ahead!