At the Flagler Palm Coast Kiwanis Club luncheon meeting November 8, local Seniors of the Month for three months were honored. At both Flagler Palm Coast High School and Matanzas High School, teachers and administration select a student each month for the honor.

Kiwanis Club Board member Frank Consentino presented the awards after reading 2 inspiring poems. 

We recognized the accomplishments of each student and heard their college and career plans, plus rewarded them a stipend and certificate. Their proud parents were also present.

Matanzas High School students Carly Hyers, Austin Weeks, Ciara Gordon

The selected students from Matanzas High School were Carly Hyers (August), Austin Weeks (September), and Ciara Gordon (October).

Flagler Palm Coast High School students Kendall Bovino, Emma Coates, Cheryl Collins

Those from Flagler Palm Coast High School were Kendall Bovino (August), Emma Coates (September), and Cheryl Collins (October).

It is always an honor and a pleasure for the members to recognize these amazing young people.