FLALGER BEACH, Fla. (October 19, 2023) – Continuing her track record of giving back to others, Flagler Beach business owner Carla Cline opened her checkbook and supported a cause that has become personally meaningful.

Recently celebrating the seventh anniversary of her gift shop and boutique Flagler Surf Art & Stuff, Cline designated a portion of a specialty t-shirt designed by local artist Stewart Maxcy for the AdventHealth Palm Coast Foundation’s Pink Army campaign.

Dedicated to supporting Flagler County residents in need of diagnostic services related to breast cancer, the fund has provided assistance to more than 600 qualified patients since inception.

On hand to receive the donation, AdventHealth Palm Coast Foundation Chairman Tony Papandrea and Director John Subers were grateful for the support.

“We’re here celebrating Carla Cline and what she has done through Flagler Surf and donating money to our breast cancer efforts to help other Flagler County women,” said Subers.

“She’s a special lady and we so much appreciate what she does. She’s an icon in this community and there’s no organization that hasn’t felt the impact of Carla Cline. She’s just wonderful for this community.”

Cline became one of Flagler County’s residents battling the deadly disease in 2022 and documented her breast cancer journey on her Flagler Surf social media, providing a firsthand look at the challenges and also encouragement for others facing their own journey.

The experience inspired her to do something to help others less fortunate.

“That I feel very heartfelt about. After going through something like this, you want all the support and help you can get. If you don’t have that available like I did, and do, people helping you gets you through it,” she said.

Spreading kindness has become synonymous with Cline’s brand, and the joy she gives others comes back to her through unconditional support and love.

“I would say it just makes you feel good, keeps the days lighter and makes you feel like you have purpose,” she said.

Subers was inspired by her desire to help others while still facing her own challenges.

“Knowing that she is hopefully in the fourth quarter of her journey but to care about others behind her, and pay it forward for their journey, it will just hopefully make it a little bit better, means a lot,” said Subers.  “She is not selfish at all. What an amazing lady.”

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and organizations work tirelessly to raise awareness about the importance of mammograms and early detection. For more information on local support services please visit www.adventhealth.com/foundation/adventhealth-foundation-central-florida/palm-coast-foundation.