Chaplain Matt Prince, Commander, US Navy, Iraq war veteran, will be the guest speaker for a community Veteran Day’s service, Sunday, November 12th, 11:00 AM, at Shepherd of the Coast Lutheran Church. The Palm Coast community is invited to join us in a service of thanksgiving and honor for all who have served.
Violence in combat assaults the psyche, confuses the ethics and tests the soul. The wounds from combat that many of our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines can receive are not only physical but often spiritual, that is, invisible wounds to the soul and conscience in violation of perceived moral norms.
Healing and cleansing must occur after combat. Violence in combat has the power to destroy all sense of morality and leave the veteran with an overwhelming feeling of isolation, shame, regret and even suicidal ideations upon return home to civilian society.
The church has been dealing with issues of conscience for the past two thousand years through the cross of Christ. That is why in order to give due honor to our veterans, Shepherd of the Coast Lutheran Church will be offering a Rite of Healing and Purification for all veterans, police, firefighters, first responders and every troubled soul to join us on Sunday, November 12th, for a community service of praise and thanksgiving to God and Country.
We, the good saints of Shepherd of the Coast, look forward to greeting you and honoring you in thanksgiving and praise to Almighty God.
Sheriff Staly and a police/fire Honor guard will present the colors for the singing of the national anthem along with special patriotic music from the SOTC choir.
Media Release:

Rev. Dr. Mark J. Schreiber
Author of:
“Nailed! Moral Injury–A Response from the Cross of Christ
for the Combat Veteran” and; “One Ordinary Life—Extraordinary Grace”