The Palm Coast Arts Foundation announces the unveiling of TURTLE #20 to the public art Turtle Trail Wednesday, November 1 at 4:00 pm in Central Park at Town Center.  Created by artist Dora Stagliano, Grant was inspired by the work of American Regionalist artist, Grant Wood (1891-1942).  Born in Iowa, Wood’s paintings depict rural America.  American Gothic is one of the most recognizable and iconic paintings of Wood’s career.

Artist Dora Stagliano

Stagliano stated, “creating this turtle was so much fun. I hope the community enjoys it as much as I loved painting it. This is the first time I have painted a multi-dimensional sea turtle. I hope it is not the last one either.  Flagler County is a special place for me. I have a lot of family that calls this County home.  My husband and I got married here as well.  I remember the first time driving through the asphalt streets. There was more grass growing though then there was visible asphalt. Every now and then a home would pop up in the middle of the tall pines, and it was not unusual to see an abundance of wildlife wondering around beyond that next turn in the road.  This was in Palm Coast. I have many more memories of drives I did out in west Flagler. There were farms, crops, and livestock everywhere.  I especially loved seeing the rows of cabbage growing.  The last 30 years I have been lucky enough to watch Flagler grow into what it has become today. But I cannot help but reminisce of what it was, even many years before my memories. Also, the stories I have heard of living life here when it was mostly agriculture and farmland.  You just can’t deny that Flagler County has grown to where it is now from farming and agriculture.”

“Working with Jaime Morello from Morello, Inc., and learning what her vision was for their sea turtle, provided the perfect match for the concept. My vision was to recreate the very well-known painting ‘American Gothic’ by Grant Wood. I believe it brings similar relevance to Flagler County. I love the earth tone color palette that Grant Wood uses and his style of painting. To me his realism has an edge of folk art, which I love.”

“GRANT” is sponsored by local business owner Mike Morello, Inc.


“Our family owned and operated company, founded in 1979, is very excited and supportive of the arts in Flagler County and proud to participate in the Turtle Trail public art program.  Giving back to the community I hope inspires others to advocate for charitable organizations.  The arts are important and integral to society and am hopeful that arts and culture in our County continue to grow.”

The Palm Coast Arts Foundation announces the unveiling of TURTLE #21 to the public art Turtle Trail Thursday, November 2 at 4:30 pm at Intracoastal Bank, 1290 Palm Coast Parkway, NW.

Created by artists Lisa Fisher and Nancy Zedar, “RENNY” will pay tribute to French artist PierreAuguste Renoir.  “We’d like to thank Intracoastal Bank for sponsoring this project and giving us the opportunity. Collaborating on this Renoir-inspired project offered us brushstrokes of joy and color in our artistic journey. We studied the art of this master, and created this piece representing Palm Coast, and feel it honors his style.”

Artists Lisa Fisher and Nancy Zedar

“Renny” is sponsored by Intracoastal Bank in celebration of their 15th anniversary.  “We are incredibly grateful for the support we have received from Flagler County over the last 15 years. When we brainstormed how to honor this milestone, the team wanted to find an opportunity to invest in our community in a unique way. Partnering with Palm Coast Arts Foundation, local artists Lisa Fisher and Nancy Zedar, and becoming part of the Turtle Trail fit this perfectly. We hope that our community enjoys “Renny”and the Intracoastal inspired theme painting each time they come to our Flagler Banking Center” stated Ryan Page, President, Intracoastal Bank.

“This is the last turtle to be installed under the leadership of the Palm Coast Arts Foundation.  The Flagler County Cultural Council will continue to manage and oversee this public art project through Nancy Crouch, co-chair.  “It will be a smooth transition as I was the lead on the project with the Palm Coast Arts Foundation.  I’m excited the Council is looking forward to promoting this important public art in Flagler County,” she stated.

This is free and the public is invited.

Watch for news of more turtles to be hatched on the Turtle Trail in the coming months. A complimentary Guide to Outdoor Art created by the Flagler County Tourist Development office features the Turtle Trail and can be found at the Flagler Beach Historical Museum, 207 S. Central Avenue, Flagler Beach.

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