So, this thing happened today. We’ve been watching the horror in Israel pretty much nonstop since it happened on October 7th, mixed with some Halloween movies and a sprinkle of Hallmark Channel mixed in for good measure.

My kid, who is studying criminal justice and emergency management heads out with no ‘see ya’ this morning. I’m in a Zoom meeting so it’s not too big of a deal. Hours later she’s still gone, and I call her. She’s at the Army recruiter talking about going into the reserves. OMG, what?

Believe me. I’ve lived on the edge. Pretty much jumped off the cliff and been snatched back from the jaws of death more times than I can count.

But this is serious. This is a commitment. And not the kind you can break.

She’s a five-foot, 120-pound super smart human, considering signing up to defend our country if told to and help defend another country if those are the orders. I’ve watched these kids in Israel who’ve done their duty and been called up as reservists to defend their nation, and it’s heartbreaking how brave and determined they are.  A productive day, ready to knock out a whole list of work has been nothing but tears. I should be proud. I should be hurrahing my child, but knowing what it took to get her here and keep her here, it’s terrifying to think this was the master plan. She’s not afraid. She was more afraid to tell me than she was to show up today. That scares me even more.

I know at some point we have to let them make their own choices. She’s set to graduate in the spring and all I can think, is God, please let her pick something safe. Is it selfish? Maybe. We come from a long line of people who have served. All I can really ask is that if God determines this is her path, that he protect her as she serves our country.