Flagler County, Fla. (September 6, 2023) – The Flagler Tiger Bay Club announced the election of the following officers to the Board of Directors for a two-year term on Wednesday, September 6 after their monthly board meeting.

2023-2025 Flagler Tiger Bay Club President Jay Scherr.

Jay Scherr, a registered NPA, will serve as President of the organization, with Amelia Fulmer serving as First Vice President, Dr. Joe Saviak and Marc Dwyer as Second Vice Presidents. Gary Walsh will continue as the organization’s Secretary and Chair of the Governance Committee with Cheri Orr as Recording Secretary and Flagler Tiger Bay Club Program Manager. Jim Uveges will continue in his position as Treasurer.

“I’m honored and excited to serve our members and work with our dynamic and talented board of directors and committee members to achieve our shared goals and vision. Our leadership team is truly second to none,” said Jay Scherr, the organization’s second President in the five years since inception.

“Greg Davis set a remarkable example of what exceptional leadership, dedication, and humility look like. I look forward to continuing the legacy of excellence that has become synonymous with the Flagler Tiger Bay Club.”

“During this new fiscal year, we will be working on 4 critical priorities: our membership program, enhancing our Young Executive program, holding Flagler County’s premier candidate forum, and revitalizing our Young Tiger program,” said Scherr.

“This is going to be an exciting year and we have an incredible lineup of regional and national speakers planned. We hope you’ll join us at our upcoming luncheon meeting on September 20th featuring guest speaker Husein Cumber, chief strategy officer with Florida East Coast Industries. Husein will be discussing the potential regional impacts of the Brightline high-speed rail extension.”

Flagler Tiger Bay Club co-founder and President Emeritus Greg Davis expressed his appreciation for the new officers.

Flagler Tiger Bay Club President Emeritus Greg Davis.

“I am very excited to hear Jay Scherr has been elected the new President of Flagler Tiger Bay Club,” said Davis.

“Jay has the full suite of talent, attributes, experience, and capabilities to lead Tiger Bay to new heights. He is surrounded with a talented and generationally rich Board of Directors and Executive Team. Jay and the new executive leadership represent the generational blend and change needed to ensure that Flagler Tiger Bay Club will continue to thrive.”

Continuing her leadership role in Flagler County, Amelia Fulmer is excited about the opportunity further the conversation of civility in the community.

“Becoming Vice President of the Flagler Tiger Bay club is an incredible honor! This opportunity aligns with the dedication and passion I want to express for our community,” she said.

“The Flagler Tiger Bay Club provides a space where individuals with different perspectives are valued and heard. Community is built by welcoming everyone to the table.

A long-term member of the board, Dr. Joe Saviak sees a bright future ahead.

“The next six speakers and even more in 2024 – highly consistent with our history and tradition of excellence – will be superb.  Our scholarship program makes college dreams possible.  Our Young Executives and Young Tigers programs help effectively prepare these leaders to succeed today and tomorrow.  It’s amazing what this club has achieved, and I am excited about the future.  I come for the outstanding speakers, and I stay for the wonderful friendships we enjoy.”

Board of Directors: From left, Jay Scherr (President), Marc Dwyer (2nd Vice President), Jim Manfre, Ed Fuller, Sherri Dietrich (Chair Young Executives), Courtney VandeBunte, Jim Uveges (Treasurer), Greg Davis (Co-founder, President Emeritus), Gary Walsh (Secretary), Cheri Orr (Recording Secretary, Program Manager), Lovie Haley (Young Tigers), Dr. Kideste Yusef, Teldra Jones, Don Madden (Co-founder), Amelia Fulmer (1st Vice President), Dr. Joe Saviak (2nd Vice President). Not pictured: Gail Wadsworth, Howard Holley.

The nonpartisan civic organization hosts monthly luncheon meetings with a featured state or national keynote speaker focused on topics related of high interest to the community and members including politics, social issues, education, and government.

For more information visit www.FlaglerTigerBayClub.com.