PALM COAST, Fla. (August 17, 2023) – Closing out his term with words of wisdom at the Palm Coast Community Center on Thursday evening before a record-breaking turnout, Flagler Tiger Bay Club President Greg Davis left members and guests no doubt the organization he co-founded with Don Madden just a little over five years ago would continue to succeed.

Lauded with special recognitions including a pencil sketch portrait, an engraved plaque from the board of directors, and videos from friends near and far like Florida Speaker of the House Paul Renner and Florida Association of Tiger Bay Clubs Past President Yvonne Fry. For those closest to Davis, it was hard to hold back tears of appreciation as board members Amelia Fulmer and Marc Dwyer performed the duet, “Unforgettable”.

Greg Davis accepts a pencil sketch portrait by artist Robyn Cowlan, commissioned by Cheri Orr and presented by Marc Dwyer as Amelia Fulmer looks on.

Presented by fellow founding member Chiumento Law, the wine tasting event marks the club’s annual meeting and a meet and greet designed to introduce the community to the organization. Seated in a mission of civility in politics, the Club’s board of directors is made up of Republicans, Democrats and No Party Affiliation members. The goal, to increase dialogue across the aisle and provide education to adults, Young Executives and Young Tigers through the monthly luncheons attracting state and national keynote speakers.

Jay Scherr, Marc Dwyer, James Manfre, Ed Fuller, Sherri Dietrich, Courtney VandeBunte, James Uveges, Greg Davis, Gary Walsh, Cheri Orr, Lovie Haley, Dr. Kideste Yusef, Teldra Jones, Don Madden, Amelia Fulmer, Dr. Joe Saviak. Not pictured: Howard Holley, Gail Wadsworth.

“Nobody had any real idea what we were trying to accomplish,” shared co-founder Don Madden. “Greg has provided excellent leadership for this group, through some troubled times and some good times and the proof is in the pudding. Look around this room. This organization did not exist five years ago and here you all are.”

“I think the celebration is really you guys.”

James Uveges, James Manfre, Greg Davis, Dr. Joe Saviak, and Ed Fuller.

Shepherding the organization though inception, COVID and post-pandemic revitalization, it’s been a labor of love for Davis, who is ready to relinquish the reins and be a regular member. Davis hopes to even maybe win the coveted Fang & Claw Award for the best question.

Flagler Tiger Bay Club Board Member Cheri Orr serves as Recording Secretary and Program Manager for the organization.

“I’m very confident that the leadership and board we have in place is going to take this organization to new heights,” said Davis. “We set the bar high. As I would say, ‘I don’t play on any team that does not want to win a championship. You set high standards if you want to win a championship and I believe Flagler Tiger Bay Club is winning that championship.”

Flagler Tiger Bay Club Young Executives enjoy the evening posing in the Candid Clicks Photobooth.

The Annual Wine Tasting and Meet & Greet also marks the ‘BIG REVEAL’ of the Club’s fall lineup of speakers. Among the 2023 keynote heavyweights are Husein Cumber, Chief Strategy Office for Florida East Coast Industries, LLC at noon on Wednesday, September 20, 2023; Dr. Ed H. Moore, President Emeritus for the Florida Independent Colleges and Universities at noon on Wednesday, October 18, 2023; Mark Falzone, President of Scenic America set for noon on Thursday, November 16, 2023, and Alice Stewart, CNN Political Commentator on Wednesday, December 13, 2023 at 5:30 p.m.

All fall meetings take place at the Hammock Dunes Club, in Palm Coast, Florida. Find out more at

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