August 8, 2023 – Flagler County urges residents to manage their ALERTFlagler accounts to receive the best service, which includes overnight quiet times – except for when tornado warnings, and other protective action warnings are issued.

“Don’t wait for an emergency to sign up and be sure to customize which notifications you receive, and even when and how you receive them,” said Emergency Management Director Jonathan Lord. “The National Weather Service does a wonderful job putting out bulletins around the clock, but there are some that may not warrant getting a phone call in the early morning hours.”

ALERTFlagler will ensure that enrolled residents and businesses receive timely notifications of significant weather and other emergencies that may impact Flagler County. Enrollment, and customization, can be done at

ALERTFlagler allows enrollees to customize:

  • which devices and formats (email, SMS/text, home phone, mobile phone, work phone) receive alerts;
  • a chosen “quiet time” during which alerts will not be received, such as overnight (except for certain alerts like tornadoes and evacuations); and,
  • which specific weather alerts they will receive by clicking on the triangle to expand the list and then selecting desired options.

“There are certain alerts we strongly advise everyone to sign up for,” Lord said.

That short list includes:

  • Flash flood warnings when rapidly rising flood waters are expected.
  • Severe thunderstorm warnings issued when either destructive winds and/or hail are expected.
  • Tornado warnings when a tornado has been detected or is developing.
  • Extreme wind warnings issued when the most extreme part of a hurricane is about to impact the area.


Flagler County does not control State of Florida alerts, like Amber Alerts and Silver Alerts, and other national alerts. These are issued outside of the ALERTFlagler system.

“Please don’t let these other alerts dissuade you from participating in ALERTFlagler,” Lord said. “This system is the only comprehensive local alert system and residents have full control of their options.”

Remember that a watch is issued when conditions are favorable for severe weather, and warnings are issued when the conditions already exist.

Anyone in need of assistance either signing up for ALERTFlagler or editing choices already made are invited to contact Flagler County Emergency Management at or call 386-313-4200 during normal business hours.

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