Ahoy, fellow anglers!

I’m thrilled to share the latest fishing report from the South Matanzas River. Captain Adam Morley here, and let me tell you, we’re experiencing an incredible flounder bite in this area. Not only that, but we’ve also had some exciting action with redfish striking topwater lures, especially the Kiss My Fish “Creeper.” Allow me to share some effective tactics that have been working wonders for us.

The flounder bite in the South Matanzas River has been off the charts! These flatfish are not only delicious but also put up a good fight. To successfully target flounder, it’s crucial to understand their behavior and use the right techniques. One effective tactic is drifting and casting. Drift along the river, casting towards likely flounder hotspots, such as oyster bars, drop-offs, and sandy patches near grassy areas. I’ve found that using live bait like finger mullet or mud minnows on a Carolina rig works wonders. Allow the bait to naturally drift with the current and entice those hungry flounder.

Jigging is another technique that has produced excellent results. I recommend vertical jigging with a bucktail or soft plastic lure. Bounce the jig along the riverbed, mimicking a wounded baitfish. Experiment with different jigging motions to see what attracts the flounder’s attention and entices them to strike.

Bottom fishing is a tried-and-true method for flounder as well. Use a Carolina rig or a fishfinder rig and present fresh cut bait, such as mullet or shrimp, near structure. Cast your rig near oyster bars or drop-offs and allow it to settle on the bottom. Keep a close eye on your rod tip for any subtle movements indicating a flounder bite. When you feel a nibble, give it a good hookset!

Now, let’s talk about the redfish action on topwater lures. These powerful fish provide thrilling fights, especially when you get them to strike on the surface. Lately, I’ve been having great success with the Kiss My Fish “Creeper.”

Timing is key when targeting redfish. They tend to be more active during low-light conditions like early morning or late evening. Plan your fishing trips accordingly to maximize your chances of success.

When using topwater lures like the Kiss My Fish “Creeper,” employ a cast-and-pause technique. Cast beyond your desired target area and retrieve the lure with a steady, rhythmic motion. Add occasional pauses to mimic an injured baitfish. The redfish can’t resist these vulnerable-looking prey and often strike during the pauses. Stay alert for those explosive surface strikes!

Varying your retrieval speed is also essential. Sometimes, a slow, subtle retrieve is more enticing to the redfish, while other times a fast, erratic retrieve can provoke a reaction. Pay close attention to the fish’s behavior and adjust your technique accordingly.

Before heading out, make sure to familiarize yourself with the local fishing regulations and practice catch-and-release when necessary to help preserve these precious fish populations.

That’s it for today’s fishing report, straight from the South Matanzas River. We have a fantastic flounder bite going on, and the redfish are loving those topwater lures.

Rich with a Flounder caught on an Ancient City Outdoors paddle tail.


A redfish that inhaled a Kiss My Fish “creeper” bone color.

And now I have a call to action to add for anglers; this is a #WatershedMoment for Our Fisheries!

We have a unique opportunity to protect and preserve the very foundation of our beloved sport—clean and healthy waterways. I’m reaching out to you today to rally your support for the Florida Right to Clean Water Amendment. This grassroots initiative aims to amend Florida’s Constitution, giving us, the people, the power to hold state agencies accountable for any harm caused to our precious fishing grounds.

As anglers, we understand the importance of thriving ecosystems and pristine waters. Our fishing adventures are intrinsically linked to the health of our fisheries, from the sparkling rivers teeming with game fish to the mangrove-lined coastlines offering thrilling saltwater action. Unfortunately, we’ve witnessed the decline of our fisheries due to pollution, habitat destruction, and other detrimental factors.

Now is the time to take decisive action. With your help, we can bring the Right to Clean Water Amendment to the voters in November 2024, empowering us to make a difference. This amendment ensures that our state agencies prioritize the protection and restoration of Florida’s waters, safeguarding the habitats and populations of the fish we hold dear.

Imagine a future where our favorite fishing spots are thriving, where clean water and abundant fish populations go hand in hand. By joining forces and supporting the Right to Clean Water Amendment, we can make this vision a reality. Let’s leave a legacy of bountiful fisheries for generations of anglers to come.

How can you make an impact? Spread the word among your fellow anglers. Share the importance of clean water and the need to hold our state agencies accountable. Volunteer your time or make a donation to support the campaign. Together, we can build a strong alliance of anglers dedicated to the cause.

Remember, this is our fight to preserve the waters we cherish. Our fisheries face mounting challenges, but with our collective efforts, we can turn the tide and ensure a vibrant future for our sport. Let’s unite under the banner of the Right to Clean Water Amendment and show the world that anglers are committed stewards of our natural resources.

Take action today. Be the voice that advocates for clean water, thriving fisheries, and unforgettable angling experiences. This is a #WatershedMoment, and together, we can make it happen.
In solidarity,
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Learn more about the Florida’s Right to Clean Water Amendment Here.