BUNNELL, Fla. – You probably know Theresa Tazewell, owner of the Cupcake Cafe in Bunnell from the viral TikTok story not long ago where ‘Mr. Keith; ordered a cake for his wife Angela in advance in case he didn’t make it out of surgery. It attracted national attention garnering millions of views and captured the hearts of everyone who heard about it.

Now Theresa needs a little love of her own.

Here’s the scoop according to Lori White.

Hi Cupcake Cafe family! As some of you may know, my name is Lori and I’m one of Theresa’s (Cupcake Lady Fl-TikTok) mods and close friends. If you’ve been following her on TT or FB or know her locally, you know she has had a pacemaker for quite some time. And you know she has the biggest heart when it comes to her community, whether it be local or online. She’s rallied behind so many people to help in times of need and now, she needs our help in return!

Unfortunately, due to her drive to save her business and provide cupcakes to as many people as possible, her pacemaker battery has run down sooner than expected. She’s now at a point where she needs surgery ASAP. And with this surgery, she’s going to need a minimum of 2 weeks to recover and the shop will be closed for (hopefully, just) 2 weeks. As a small business owner, this quite honestly could break her business and create a situation where she’s unable to recover financially.

Originally, she thought she had about 6 months to prepare for this until she started feeling bad last week and found out she had less than a week left before her situation became dire. I know times are tough for a lot of people right now but if you can help in any way to support Theresa and the Cupcake Cafe LLC, we’d be forever grateful. Any little bit helps and could just be the donation that saves her shop, her business, her family and, of course, Angel’s job as well.

Donations** will be used to pay for the needs of the shop; the needs of her family during this time; and ensure that Angel is still paid. We’re hoping that this will ensure that Theresa (and Angel) can come back to us as soon as Theresa is feeling well enough. If you know Theresa at all, you know, she’s great at giving to others but not so great at accepting from others. But right now, she needs our help! Let’s show her just how much she means to us; her local community and her online community. Thank you in advance for help in any way you can! We love you all!

**If you’d prefer to donate directly or help in another way, Theresa has a Linktree with other donation options. Here’s the link: https://linktr.ee/cupcake_lady_fl