Greetings, fellow anglers!

It’s time for another exciting fishing report from the legendary Matanzas River. This time, the flounder bite has taken center stage, captivating the attention of all fishing enthusiasts. Reports have been flooding in about the impressive size of these flatfish, with many measuring a whopping 20 inches and above. However, it’s crucial to remember that the size limit for flounder is 14 inches, so make sure to release any undersized catches to preserve the fishery.

To increase your chances of success, it’s recommended to use the preferred baits for flounder in the Matanzas River. Among the top contenders are Fishbites Dirty Boxers, paddle tails, curl tails, and, of course, the trusty mud minnows. These baits effectively mimic the natural prey of flounder, enticing them to strike. Make sure to stock up on these baits before heading out to the river for your fishing adventure.

When targeting flounder, a key strategy is to fan out your casts. By doing so, you can cover a larger surface area along the bottom, increasing your chances of encountering these elusive fish. Once you’ve thoroughly covered a specific area, it’s advisable to move on to a different spot to maximize your opportunities. Flounder tend to be stealthy and prefer hiding in the sand, so be patient and persistent in your search.

Remember to keep an eye out for drop-offs and structures when targeting flounder. These features act as prime ambush points for flounder, providing them with a strategic advantage while hunting. Approach these areas with caution and precision, ensuring you don’t disturb the fish. By carefully presenting your bait near these structures, you increase your chances of enticing a flounder to strike.

As for the redfish bite, it remains relatively strong on topwater lures during high tide. However, there has been a slight slowdown in activity over the past few days. Don’t fret, though, as this is likely due to the current moon phase. As the moon starts moving more water in the coming days, it’s expected that the redfish bite will ramp back up, creating thrilling fishing experiences once again. Keep those topwater lures handy and be prepared for explosive strikes from these magnificent fish.

As you embark on your next fishing expedition, cherish the natural beauty that surrounds you. The picturesque views, the tranquil water, and the abundant marine life create a truly immersive experience. Respect the fishery, follow size limits, and practice catch-and-release to ensure the sustainability of this incredible ecosystem.

Tight lines and good luck, fellow anglers! May your hooks be sharp and your catches be plentiful as you explore the bountiful waters of the Matanzas River.

Elon Morley with a Flounder he caught at Genung’s Fish Camp.

Chris from Skinny Water Lures mentioned that there will be a quarter moon phase at the beginning of the week, followed by a new moon phase towards the end of the week. As a result, there will be significant tide changes, with both very high and very low tides due to gravitational forces. These stronger currents will lead to increased activity among baitfish in the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) and flats areas.

The abundance of baitfish in the water will attract more predatory fish, such as Spanish Mackerel and Bluefish. These fish can be found near high flow bridges and passes, ranging from High Bridge to the Matanzas Inlet areas. To target them, it is recommended to use hard twitch bait style lures with a fast twitch-pause motion.

For Snook, the most active feeding times have been around the periods of outgoing tide when water movement is strongest. Focus on areas where water flows in or out through constricted passages, creating “pinch points” with the highest volume of water flow. Skinny Water Lures paddle tails, used with a steady-pause motion, have been effective in enticing reactive strikes during the pause phase of retrieval.

Flounder numbers have been higher in areas with sandy bottoms and current flow around the Matanzas Inlet. A technique that works well is bouncing or dragging a paddle tail or curly tail jig along the bottom.

If you’re targeting upper slot Redfish, head to Long Creek and Pellicer Creek areas, where oyster bars are prominent. Glass minnows are moving into these areas, and Redfish can be seen chasing them along the banks. Matching the hatch by using paddle tail style lures is recommended. Skinny Water Lures in pickle back, green goblin, and blue crab colors have proven successful in these areas.

Remember to adjust your fishing strategies according to the moon phases, tides, and water movements for the best chances of success. Good luck and tight lines!

Chris with a Snook caught from his kayak.
And Chris from the Palm Coast Canal Fishing Facebook group had this quick report: This week, we’ve had a decent catch of redfish, offering some exciting battles. We’ve also seen a few flounder and trout being reeled in, adding variety to the catches. The jacks are still in action, chasing bait and providing plenty of thrills. In the freshwater canals, a few big largemouth bass have been landed. Lastly, tarpon have been rolling, but we haven’t received any confirmed reports of catches yet. Keep casting and sharing your stories with the group. Tight lines, everyone!
This Angler with a flatty from the Palm Coast canals.