BUNNELL, FL – In need of a heartwarming story? Grab some tissues because you might need them!

Last month, a video from Cupcake Café in Palm Coast went viral on TikTok where a man, named in the video as “Mr. Keith,” wanted to pay for his wife’s birthday cake in advance because he was going in for surgery on March 1. He explained that during a previous surgery for the same issue he had briefly passed and required resuscitation and, being afraid that it would happen again, wanted to ensure that the burden of paying for the cake would not fall on his wife if he did not survive.

The bakery owner, Theresa Tazewell, stated that she would not take his money in advance and instead made a deal: Keith would not be charged for the cake until he came to pick it up himself after his surgery. And if the surgery was not successful, and she had to contact his wife, she would say that the cake had already been paid for.

The viral TikTok had over 5 million viewers around the country who waited to receive an update on Mr. Keith and his cake. On March 2, the day after the scheduled surgery, Theresa shared the much-anticipated update, that Keith had made it through surgery and would be picking up his cake on March 11. Many invested viewers commented that they would be sending cards and gifts to the bakery before Keith’s arrival.

FCSO’s Deputy Laura Jenkins, who was moved by the story, wanted to do even more. Yesterday, March 11, she purchased a get well soon card and balloon for Keith, as well as a happy birthday card and flowers for his wife. Deputy Jenkins and several Alpha Squad deputies waited at Cupcake Café for Keith to pick up the cake.

Keith arrived with his wife, Angela, and they were celebrated by Theresa, FCSO’s Alpha Squad, and members of the community who had become invested in the story. After Deputy Jenkins presented Keith and Mary with their gifts, they all got to enjoy cupcakes while Keith shared stories of his time as a Deputy Sheriff in Northern California!

“We’re incredibly grateful for unforgettable opportunities like this to connect with the community we serve,” said Sheriff Rick Staly. “I’m very proud of Deputy Jenkins and the Alpha Squad as they truly model Guardianship-Community Policing! We wish Keith the best as he continues his recovery from surgery, and happy birthday Angela!”

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