Tell readers about yourself and how you discovered Palm Coast.

I am a hematologist and medical oncologist who moved from the Pacific Northwest because of my affection for Florida, the beautiful sunshine, and the amazing people in this community. Florida Cancer Specialists & Research Institute has a significant presence here in this community, serving patients with cancer for decades with a track record of providing state-of-the-art cutting-edge cancer care. I am very excited to be here.

What made you decide on the field of oncology and do you have a specialty?

I find innovation and the ability to provide multiple patient options engaging. I am constantly staying up to date on the latest state-of-the-art cancer treatment options, which translates to better outcomes and more prolonged survival for my patients. I am a hematologist and medical oncologist, so I care for patients with all cancer types and blood disorders.

How have treatment and outcomes changed over the years and do you foresee a day when there is a cure for cancer? 

Survival for patients with cancer has increased significantly over the last decade due to new advances in the field. Many cancers now are staged as chronic diseases, where patients continue to live long, where the disease is managed by their oncologist, and the patient continues to have an excellent quality of life. Cure is an esoteric term, but living with cancer and dignity is possible these days by having an excellent oncology team on your side. 

Who would be an ideal patient for you and your colleagues at Florida Cancer Specialists & Research Institute? 

I see patients of all different cancer types and blood disorders and provide state-of-the-art cancer care close to home rather than going to tertiary academic cancer centers in big cities. No two patients are the same, and while they may have the same diagnosis, their treatment may need to differ. At Florida Cancer Specialists & Research Institute, we tailor the treatment and care to the patient, making it unique and individualized as them. 

February is cancer prevention month. What can readers do to reduce their risk of cancer?

Talk to your doctor about the most up-to-date screening options for different cancers appropriate for your age. Adopt healthy lifestyles like making good diet choices and creating an exercise plan to lose weight, all reducing cancer occurrence and recurrence risk. 


Madhu Unnikrishnan, MD

Hematologist, Medical Oncologist

Florida Cancer Specialists & Research Institute

Palm Coast Office

61 Memorial Medical Pkwy – Suite 2818

Palm Coast, Florida 32164

T: (386) 586-2889