Apparently it’s National Pizza Day.

I discovered it by accident (as most good things seem to happen lately) and it just so happens that we ordered pizza for dinner tonight. What a coincidence!

It’s kind of funny to watch locals in Palm Coast contemplate who has the best pizza. Those folks from New York, New Jersey and Chicago have a whole different idea of what pizza is than those of us raised in the south, and it always gives me a giggle listening to the great pie debates.

For me, I’m going to say it. (Don’t groan)

Yes, I was raised on Pizza Hut. There was nothing like the deep dish (yes, I know it’s not the ‘deep dish’ of the north) with greasy pepperonis all over that melty cheese, and an ice cold Coke. If you ever went to an old school Pizza Hut, you know half the fun is the actual restaurant, with the Pac-Man video game while you were waiting and the crazy cool ‘chandeliers’.

Later I discovered Little Ceasars (stop, really) and man every time that little guy came on TV and said ‘Pizza, Pizza’, I was like YES! When I’m in St. Augustine, I still pop in and get one. And for the record I brought 3 to a Christmas party and they were a HUGE hit.

Now that I’m a little older and have branched out, Bronx House Pizza’s Big AL has stolen my heart. No clue when my taste buds changed, but the banana peppers are my number one favorite. The crust isn’t too thick, and it’s not drowning in sauce. You can taste ALL OF IT.

So cheers to you my fellow pizza lovers. Whether it’s a chain (which is still a local restaurant owned by a neighbor somewhere) or legit home cookin’ from a mom and pop pizza shop, enjoy your slice!