Bunnell, FL – Flagler Playhouse is reopening!
After a year of loss and physical illness as well as economic stress due to the virus, we have waited for the pandemic to subside and the opportunity to invite a limited and smaller audience into the Playhouse to produce and share the experience of theatre.
Talking With by Jane Martin (May 7-9th, 13th-16th) and The Absolute Brightness of Leonard Pelkey by James Lecesne (June 11th-13th, 17th-20th) will be our first productions.
With these productions the Playhouse inaugurates the Flagler Theatre Workshop, a new feature to the Playhouse.
Both productions are smaller in scale than regular season shows, but not lacking in scope or entertainment value. They were chosen for running time, cast requirements and production complexity, necessary considerations in a time of re-opening during a lengthy hiatus. The focus in both plays is the storytelling basic to the experience of drama and the theatre as a whole.
It seemed logical and sensible to begin after having been “dark” for a considerable period.
Re-opening in a climate where safety continues to be emphasized and encouraged will be observed. A limited number of seats will be available and audience members will be required to wear masks throughout the performance.
Visit www.flaglerplayhouse.com for tickets.