Flagler County, Fla. (October 17, 2022) – The Flagler County Cultural Council is pleased to announce the formal designation of the organization as Flagler County’s official Local Arts Agency (LAA).

Flagler County Commissioner David Sullivan presented the resolution on Monday, October 17 during the board of county commissioners’ business meeting, receiving unanimous approval.

In conjunction with the Flagler County tourism office, members of the volunteer nonprofit organization supporting interested arts, culture and heritage organizations in Flagler County, were present for the official recognition.

“We are enthusiastic about our path forward and the momentum that is already building,” said co-chair Jay Scherr. “Collectively we’re building an asset that serves the greater good for the benefit of residents and visitors alike while positively impacting the local economy.”

“We look forward to moving on and creating initiatives and strategic plans along the way to help all the organizations in the community,” added co-chair Nancy Crouch.

Members of the Flagler County Cultural Council meet monthly. From left, Jay Scherr, Elaine Studnicki, Ed Siarkowicz, Meshella Woods, Pam Richardson, Danielle Anderson, Sandra Siepietoski and Debra Naughton. Absent: Nancy Crouch, Mary Stetler

Supporting both tourism and economic development efforts in Flagler County, officials see the agency as an opportunity to enhance existing and future assets created by community organizations, through collaboration.

“After almost two years in development to create and build the Flagler County Cultural Council, it is a huge milestone to receive the resolution from the BOCC designating FC3 as the Local Arts Agency to serve as an umbrella organization for all Flagler County arts, culture and history interests,” said Debra Naughton, Destination Development & Community Engagement Manager.

As a founding member, Ed Siarkowicz, president of the Flagler County Historical Society, was proud of the work done and the investment in Flagler County’s future.

“The Board of County Commissioners’ approval of the Flagler County Cultural Council as the official Local Arts Agency of Flagler County sets a milestone,” he said.

“It acknowledges the hard work and dedication that history, arts, and ethnic groups have invested in locally for decades. It announces that cultural events and education are important and that it enriches our community. This designation now enables FC3 to roll up its sleeves and go after state and federal money previously unavailable to support and promote those groups that celebrate our collective diversity through unity. This victory will give Flagler County provenance as a place to live and visit for a long time to come. I look forward to helping the FC3 Board shine a spotlight on what this county has to offer.”

For more information on Flagler County Cultural Council membership or sponsorship opportunities call 386-313-4230 or email dnaughton@visitflagler.com.