Mother nature may have spared northeast Florida the brunt of the storm but Hurricane Ian left Princess Place Preserve soggy. While it’s Creekside weekend, it’s high and dry next door at the Florida Agricultural Museum.

No it’s not under the shady trees of Princess Place Preserve, but hey, let’s look at benefits of the new venue this year.

  • No long drive down a dusty road with ruts – admit it, after hundreds of cars head into the preserve, it gets a little bumpy. And don’t get us started on the drive out.

  • Ticks. If you haven’t left with at least one tick you probably didn’t get out of your car.

Ok those are the only two things we can think of but at the Ag Museum there’s all this and more:

  • You drive in and you’re there!

  • All those historic houses, stores and barn to explore. It’s a walk back in time.

  • Tractor rides. You don’t literally drive the tractor but you do get to ride in a huge, open air seated wagon behind the tractor and it’s awesome.

  • The Caldwell Dairy Barn is the hub where you’ll find the Creekside exhibitors and vendors centrally located.

  • The museum property has live animals. On site. All kinds.

  • There’s a train you can ride around on. And it’s really cool.

  • There’s Fort Menendez and a trip back in time to La Florida with a multitude of exhibits and interactive displays for visitors of all ages.

And that’s on top of all the arts, crafts, artisans, businesses, food, live music, and more that the Creekside Festival will bring in. It’s the best $10 you can spend this weekend. Need directions? Get them here.