It’s a huge milestone by any standard and Coach Dawn Moses and the team at Matanzas High School were ready to celebrate when Sydney Moses hit her 1500th assist on Thursday evening during the varsity volleyball game against Volusia County’s Atlantic High School.

Moses has been coaching her daughter since the age of six and she was all business as the teams and audience took a split second to recognize the moment during the game and then carried on.

“Every time you’re hitting thousands marks, it’s a big deal,” said Moses. “For her, she been a setter 3 out of her four years, so she hit 1500. I’ve been coaching for six years and it’s been kind of fun and exciting.”

The 5’2”Matanzas High School senior didn’t let the moment go to her head and continued to serve the ball with power and determination, helping close out the night with the win.

“It was a really great experience. I got to 1500 assists. I set the ball 1500 times and the hitters got a kill,” she said.  “It’s a big deal to even get that much,” she said, humble.

While she isn’t planning to continue playing volleyball as she graduates with her Associate’s Degree and high school diploma next spring before heading off to nursing school, she’s excited to finish her high school career experience on such a high note with her mother by her side.

“I’ve been on a team since I was six. I love the team environment and how every person is a part and an impact no matter what,” she said. “It’s a really great feeling to be part of. My mom’s been my coach ever since I started, like when I was six. She was a high school coach and she’s always been a big part of my volleyball career so it’s really exciting to have her here by my side.”

MHS junior varsity player Paige Duckworth and mom Jennifer Duckworth were inspired by Moses’ dedication to the sport.

“It’s really neat to see the growth from year to year as they grow and also develop their volleyball skills,” said Jenn. “They’ve put a lot of heart and effort to it.”

Working as a team, and recognizing personal accomplishments, Duckworth sees the sport as a way to also teach valuable life skills to her daughter and fellow teammates.

“I absolutely love the community I’ve built around me,” said Pagie. “The teammates that I’ve built, the friends that I’ve made through this are really rare.”

Dawn Moses and Sydney Moses celebrate 1,500 assists on the Matanzas High School varsity volley ball team.