PALM COAST, FL – A local handyman whose mode of transportation was destroyed in a traffic accident earlier this month now has some new wheels thanks to donations from the community.

Flagler County Sheriff Rick Staly and the Bike Men of Flagler County were on hand as Francisco “Frank” Diaz received his brand-new Sun electric tricycle today (August 29, 2022) at the Palm Coast Bike Trail Shop.

“This shows how Flagler County cares for its own,” Sheriff Staly added. “Frank’s a good man who ended up in a bad situation. Sometimes, people need help and it’s great to see the community step up for him.”

Mr. Diaz is 79 years old and depends on his tricycle and towed wagon to travel to and from handyman jobs, purchase food and other living supplies. He is well-known in the community and is often seen riding his trike.

On August 15, 2022, Mr. Diaz was involved in a traffic accident on State Road 100 near Belle Terre Parkway which destroyed his tricycle and wagon. He was also injured in the crash and had to be transported to AdventHealth Palm Coast for treatment. Sheriff Staly, deputies with the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office (FCSO) and paramedics with Flagler County Fire Rescue and the Palm Coast Fire Department responded to assist.

Following the accident, Sheriff Staly reached out to the Bike Men of Flagler County to see if they could help Mr. Diaz with acquiring a new tricycle. In coordination with the Palm Coast Bike Trail Shop, the Bike Men of Flagler County started a fundraiser and raised over $2,300.00 from the community. Sheriff Staly’s personal donation of $250.00 was matched by the Bike Men of Flagler County and community donations made up the rest. Palm Coast Bike Trail Shop donated the new trike and all labor needed to install the electric motor and
accessories. The tricycle is valued at $3,000 and comes with a 20-amp battery, all LED lights, forward/reverse gears, throttle and pedal assist, mirrors and a bell.

Mr. Diaz also received a 15-foot lock to secure his bicycle and $1,000.00 that was remaining from the donations to help with his expenses.