It’s been a long time coming and seemed as if it would never get here. Primary Election Day 2022.

As the dust settles, the last round is bought in celebration and the back slapping subsides, one thing is clear – the dirty campaign tactics are turning voters off, in a big way. They’re gravitating to candidates talking policy, issues and solutions.

Touching down on the other side of the first hurdle, candidates headed to the general election this November would be wise to take heed. Perhaps look for some middle ground where they can work with other elected officials to actually go about the work of The People’s Business.

The pendulum is swinging back toward the middle and as Anytown, USA, Flagler is a prime example of what voters are looking for. Civility, compromise, and collaboration.

Tonight we salute you, the Flagler Voter. With the largest turnout since 2004, thank you for showing up in enough numbers to make a difference.

For a look at this evening’s winners, visit here.