Eureka Springs, Arkansas is less well-known perhaps because of where it’s located. The television show made The Ozarks of Missouri popular, but towns along the Arkansas portion of the mountain range are like undiscovered jewels.

With quaint hotels and roadside motels, mom-and-pop stores and restaurants, Eureka Springs is the perfect place to stop after a visit to Thorncrown Chapel.

A stunning piece of architecture, it takes the scenic route to get to the chapel. There is no entry fee, simply a donation box if you’re so inclined, and after visiting, you will be. Seemingly rising from the Earth in the midst of the mountains and lush foliage, you may never see as many shades of green any place else.

With 425 windows, the glass and metal structure places little between the visitor and nature, and the pure serenity of the location brings a peaceful harmony to the soul. You may sit quietly and read from the Bibles provided or sit and soak up the majesty of the moment.

The chapel has welcomed over 7 million visitors since opening its doors and its award winning design by E. Fay Jones has been placed on the American Institute of Architects’ list of top buildings of the 20th century.

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