Post-hatchling or washback season is upon us! This week we received the first batch of our teeniest patients the washbacks.
Post-hatchlings or washbacks are this years sea turtles hatchlings that are not strong enough to fight the strong currents and will wash back shore, “washback”, with strong currents, winds, and storm systems. These tiny turtles need a little extra TLC and rest, before getting a scheduled boat ride to continue on with their incredible turtle journey.
This is when our Turtle Patrol and Hospital team member’s forces combine to give each and every baby the care they deserve.
If you find any sea turtle hatchlings or washback’s on the beach, here’s how you can help:
🐢Please do not put them back into the ocean.
🐢Call FWC at 888-404-3922 and they will direct you on where to take the turtle.
🐢During transport to a rehab facility, keep them in a damp, not wet, container and away from the A/C.
🐢Our drop-off cooler is located just outside of the Administration Building as you pull into the Whitney Lab (pictured below).
🐢Drop-off directions are located on the top of the cooler.
Administration Building address:
Whitney Laboratory
9505 N Ocean Shore Blvd
St. Augustine, FL 32080
Featured Image: UF Whitney Lab Sea Turtle Hospital


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