Tell readers a bit about yourself – what’s your background? 

My name is Jordan Capela. I am 31 years old and am a father of 3 daughters. I am originally from Somerset, MA. I moved to Palm Coast in 2006 and joined the Air Force in 2009. I served a Security Forces Member (Military Police) and Explosive Detection K9 Handler for nearly 9 years. I worked my way up and was fortunate enough to work on the Presidential Security Detail for President Obama and President Trump. After the Air Force I was a Police Officer for Daytona Beach PD and a State Trooper with the Florida Highway Patrol. While serving my country I developed the skills necessary to establish my footprint in the web design and digital marketing space.

How did you get into e-commerce and the digital world? 

I started in the digital world by seeing commercials and advertisements for Wayfair and became obsessed with the idea of running a business that solely operated through the internet. I created my first website that was a drop shipping company in the vintage style furniture space. I launched my store just before Black Friday and thought I was going to become a millionaire overnight! Boy was I wrong. I made one sale – to my mother – who still has the vase to this day! She is and will always be my biggest supporter! Over the years I learned through epic failure and launched a second store, Select Home Décor & More, which achieved more success than I could imagine through the support of my sister Jacklyn Ellis and my mother. We have an incredible online presence now and also a brick and mortar location in the hammock. Through our marketing efforts and digital footprint, the store has done sales and shipped items ranging from Florida, California and as far east as Spain!

You’ve been successful since launching Select Marketing Solutions in 2021. What are you enjoying most about the industry? 

Since launching my second company, Select Marketing Solutions, I have focused more on the web design aspect and really enjoy bringing businesses to life online. Every business needs a website in today’s world and to be able to do this for people is such a good feeling!

Clients often think they only need social media to promote their business. Why is this a false narrative? 

Social Media is a very strong way to promote your business but it is not the only marketing piece you need. How many times have you heard of something and you want to know more information about it? What is the first thing you do? You go to Google and type in the name of the business and go to their website. If the website is poorly designed, not responsive (doesn’t work on the phone) or nonexistent, you move on to someone else who has all those things. Similar to real estate, your home needs a foundation to be built on. Your website is the business foundation in today’s digital world. Not to take away from word of mouth, but your website can make or break you today.

Small business owners operate on a tight budget. How can SMS help them be successful, especially first responders and law enforcement (did I see you have a discount for them?), and can they count on you to help them after the initial launch of their site? (what services do you offer?)

We offer military and first responders a significant discount on web design and SMS. I have come across many police officers and military members looking to supplement their income and build a business on the side. Recently, I have worked with a local deputy who started a side business. We launched his website and within 8 months he was able to walk away and operate his business full time. My job is so much more than building you a beautiful website, it’s about helping them launch their business ensuring success by leveraging the internet in their favor. After a site is launched we ensure they are set up on Google and all social platforms they wish to have a presence on.

My goal for this year is to help 100 businesses launch or redesign their online brand, ensuring a successful 2022! For those interested in our services they can visit or text me at 386-310-9684!



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