The Flagler Tiger Bay Club has made supporting ‘Young Tigers’ in high school and college a priority as part of the organization’s programming. Growing the next generation of leaders alongside the Young Executives program, Austin Wall shares his perspective on going from a Young Tiger to Young Executive, as a member of the Flagler Tiger Bay Club.

Tell readers about yourself (where you came from and how you got to Florida). 

My name is Austin Wall and I am from Portsmouth Virginia. I did not think during my teenage years at all I would be coming to start my adult life in Florida whatsoever. What made me interested in Florida was when the Bethune-Cookman University Marching Wildcats band came to my high school band competition and I got to hear the band up close! Once I heard them I instantly fell in love and did my research on the school BCU and Florida. 2018 senior year of high school, I went to down to audition for the band and receive a band scholarship. Through my financial aid and band scholarship, I was able to receive a full ride to the university!

What made you select BCU as your university of choice?

Reason why I selected BCU were: It was far away from home, a 10 hour drive and I did not want my parents in my ear constantly. I knew no one there or had anyone coming with me so it was a completely new experience! Lastly, I always enjoyed hot weather and the living in Virginia for at least 18 years, I did not want to deal with cold weather anymore.

Getting involved with Flagler Tiger Bay Club as a Young Tiger opened up opportunities for real world experience. What did you learn as the official intern for the organization? 

My position as in Intern at Flagler Tiger Bay Club was Web Administrator over their website. I can genuinely say the time I spent as in Intern was extremely valuable. FTBC taught me real world professional skills such as team collaboration, mannerisms, being open-minded and so many more. FTBC has easily prepared me for interviews and professional skills in the career force.

Flagler Tiger Bay Club members were excited to learn you had landed your first big career opportunity and were staying local. How did it come about and what are you currently doing? 

Now that I have graduated with a bachelor of science in Computer Information Systems, I am now working at a Company called CompuSys in Daytona Beach, Florida as a Web developer. A fellow member of FTBC recommended me the job whose name is Nancy Epps. Through the connection of FTBC the process of starting my career went very smooth.

What are your professional hopes and dreams for the future?

My professional hopes and dreams are to further my tech skills as a web developer and reside in Orlando, FL in the near future.

Bonus: What advice would you give to college students about getting involved with civic organizations? 

For anyone having thoughts about joining a civic-based organization, I would definitely tell you to take that opportunity. If the organization has a good head on their shoulders why not take the offer? The opportunities there may shock you tremendously such as FTBC did for me.

Featured Image: Austin Wall is pictured with Flagler Tiger Bay Club members Cheri Orr and Don Madden.