In the next few weeks, the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office (FCSO) will be upgrading to new Axon body and fleet cameras.



The new body cameras replace the Axon2 currently being used by FCSO deputies and include new technology and features such as: Embedded GPS Location Video Tagged, Activation upon Sensing Gunshots, Livestreaming upon Activation, improved Encrypted Storage, footage stored in 1080P, 24Hour Video Recall, and improved Atomic Time Sync for proper playback. The new body cameras also include a more secure uniform attachment, making it less likely the camera will be knocked off during an arrest.


The new Axon patrol car upgrade replaces the Axon Fleet2and now include: Livestreaming upon

Activation, Auto-Activation at High Speed or Crash, License Plate Reader Integrated, Dual-View Front

Camera, Panoramic and Standard Images, Color Infrared Rear Cameras, 24-hour Video Recall, Emergency light Activation automatically activates all of the Cameras, Wireless Microphones and improved Atomic Time Sync for Playback.

The Axon Software has also been upgraded allowing: Axon Citizen Submission, Unlimited Data Storage, Sharing Data Directly to the State Attorney’s Office, and Multi-Camera Playback.

“We started implementing the Axon Fleet in 2018 and over the years we have upgraded the Axon Body Camera systems,” said Sheriff Rick Staly. “This upgrade now takes us to the next level of transparency and provides a safety net for deputies in critical situations. The Axon Fleet3 enhances our existing LPR technology making every marked patrol car a moving LPR system enhancing our ability to fight and reduce crime and apprehend offenders before they can prey on our community using today’s cuttingedge technology.”

The total cost of all of the upgrades was $469,164.41.

You can learn more about Axon Fleet-3 here:

You can learn more about Axon Body-3 here:

Media Release: Date: October 12, 2021

Prepared by: Aviva Edrich

Phone and Email:  386-281-9880;  Release #: 2021-233