Set to host the upcoming public forum with U.S. Congressman Michael Waltz on May 25th, Flagler Palm Coast High School junior Bryan Soudrain is busy.

Not only does he serve as the President of the area’s Junior Chamber of Commerce, he’s the Vice President of Public Relations for the Flagler Toastmaster’s Club, a Model UN officer, and a member of the Flagler Tiger Bay Club’s Young Tiger Program.

The aspiring international corporate business lawyer and French native finds time to relax by enjoying soccer, cycling, Formula 1 racing and basketball.

Preparing for this week’s public forum with Waltz, he’s brought his A-game as this week’s The Big Five guest.


What are your goals with the Young Tiger Program and what do you hope to learn from talking with Congressman Waltz on May 25th?  

As the president of the Junior Chamber of Commerce it is a great honor to have U.S Congressman Michael Waltz as a guest speaker.

It is a great opportunity for not only Tiger Bay and Junior Chamber of Commerce members but also the general public to learn more about a crucial position in our local but also national politics. This event will focus on the professional aspects of a U.S Congressman and not the political facets which is why it is a great opportunity for anyone because regardless of your political views you can learn and benefit from this event. For our members it is especially beneficial because many have not had the opportunity to be part of an event where this specific profile of guest speaker has been invited, so I think their curiosity will bring interesting questions for this event.


What prompted you to start the Junior Chamber of Commerce, and how is it coming along? 

I started the Junior Chamber of Commerce because I identified a major need of a connection between education and professionals and so I tried to fulfill that need with the Junior Chamber of Commerce. Currently it is coming along well since we are currently in the process of making a foundation to support and spread the Junior Chamber of Commerce to other areas.


As a Flagler Tiger Bay Club Young Tiger, what benefits are you gaining from the experience and how will it help your future aspirations? 

I am learning a lot from the opportunities offered by Tiger bay and it is a great chance for me to further my understanding in key areas with the help of experts which Tiger Bay provides.


You are moderating your second major public event. How are you preparing for Congressman Waltz and what did you learn from the Flagler Beach Mayoral forum experience that will help you with the May 25th event? 

I am preparing for Congressman Michael Waltz by having a set and clear agenda that can guide me through the whole event. That was also my biggest takeaway from the Flagler Beach Mayoral debate because it really helped me stay on track.


What advice would you give to your colleagues and peers who have not had exposure to organizations like the Junior Chamber or Young Tigers as it pertains to personal and professional growth? 

My advice would be to make a change to that situation and join these types of organizations because they are free and are very beneficial for your future.

The Flagler Tiger Bay Club Young Tiger & Flagler County Junior Chamber of Commerce Virtual Public Forum is set for May 25th, starting at 2:45 p.m. and is open to the public. Pre-register at