Port Orange, FL – Hurricane season is right around the corner, and now is the time to make sure you are prepared to weather the storms. After a “near normal” Atlantic hurricane season last year, the 2023 season is forecast to be “slightly below average” with 13 named storms, six hurricanes and two major hurricanes making landfall.

Here in Central Florida, we know it only takes one storm with just the right track, high winds and downpours of rain to do significant damage to our homes and communities.

“Surviving back-to-back devastating storms last season, including Hurricane Ian which brought damaging flooding and winds to our area, we’ve experienced first-hand the power of these storms and know just how vital it is to make sure we are prepared before the next one hits,” said Ian Johnson, President of R/J Group, Inc.

To help you prepare for the storms, R/J Group, Central Florida’s premier roofing and construction services company, is offering tips to help you stay ahead of the storms before the 2023 hurricane season officially begins and hopefully reduce the negative impacts a hurricane could have on your roof and home.

Schedule an appointment NOW & keep up with regular maintenance. 

If you haven’t had your roof inspected recently, schedule an appointment today. You want to make sure there is nothing wrong, such as rips, holes, debris build-up, excessive granular loss, flashings that are improperly sealed or attached, rodent damage or access, or any other issues that can impact the integrity of your roof. Having a reputable and experienced roofing contractor to partner with on all your year-round maintenance needs is the best way to ensure your roof is ready to withstand a hurricane.

Check for active leaks.

If it is too late to get a reputable contractor out to access the leak in time, prepare for the water intrusion by removing all personal belongings from underneath the affected area and have buckets ready to catch the water.

Clear gutters and drains.

It’s imperative to allow water to flow off your roof unabated. A clear gutter and downspout system will ensure water doesn’t back up and sit on your roof, making it possible to come inside.

Trim nearby trees.

Clear out any dead, broken or oversized trees and branches that can be easily blown off during a storm, especially if they are hanging over your roof.

Get a tarp.

If something does happen during a storm, make sure you have a tarp available to help keep the water from coming into your home.

Keep up to date with insurance and warranties.

If you have a warranty on your roof, part of maintaining that warranty is to have your roof audited annually, at minimum, to make sure it functions properly. Make sure you stay a step ahead and keep all your documents handy, like warranties, insurance papers, before pictures, and contact information for contractors.

Drive around and document your neighborhood.

Most damage done during a hurricane is due to someone else’s debris hitting your home. Drive around and inspect your neighbor’s yards. Take videos or pictures before the hurricane arrives. This type of documentation can help the insurance adjustor’s assessments and potentially expedite any loss coverages. Plus, you can help your neighbors tie down anything they may have missed.

Stay safe.

Above all, make sure you and your family are safe.

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