When I’m A Mother
by Doug White
While she totes
Her a bag or two
Of whence her dreams did grew
She said
When I’m a mother
I’ll be there for you
Let’s embrace our fates
Before this life gets too lates
As her makeup awaits
She said
Without hesitates
I’ll be there for you
She said
Now I’m your mother
To you I’ll be true
I’ll be there for you
Seems such she did knew
As she’s birthed you
In her loving mind
She knows that about time
For her life doesn’t pretend
There for you
Her loving kind
Hearts to find
Without end
Knowing you
Plunging her head
Into a place of cred
Birthing you
Like a pbj
She made it for your lunch today
Washing your clothes of play or toil
You’ll I spoil
There for you
Mothered you
Always sure
Praying her Due
Always here for you
While your clothes are still drying
There upon those lines
Her mind is sometime elsewhere occupying
Just makes and tends your bed
Like her momma said
Without end
Brokering a belonging
She’s there for you
What else could she do?
You might not look at her that way
For her and you are the same play
Happy Mother’s Day
There was a session
Of conception
Where the birds and bees
Said ok
Still your life she once questioned
Birthing you today
Mothering things to do
Without contend
Never halfed of heart
A new life does start
She does totes
Her a bag of a two
While she’s taking care of you
Still Momma’s
Got some things
That can’t wait
To do
I can’t or pretend to know
All her’s wents befores
She’s my mom
There love restores
I say between
Just between us two
Mother’s day
Let’s celebrate!
Our graduate
While she’s toting a bag or two
Love her true!
Happy Mother’s Day to you!