ORMOND BEACH, Fla. – Yesterday when doing an interview someone mentioned they had some pretty good chicken salad. Uh oh.

First, let me say, I am a chicken salad fanatic. Literally. I love trying new recipes from just about any place I go or visit. Chicken Salad Chick happens to be my go-to favorite right now when I’m out, but there is zero hesitation to try it at anyone else’s restaurant.

At home, we eat it, A LOT. Just buy me a can of Hormel Premium Chicken Breast and a jar of Hellmann’s and we’re in business. If you come with a bag of Doritos and a Cherry Coke, boy you just won the lottery.

Anyway, back to the chicken salad of today. On the way home from covering a story at the UCF Incubator in Daytona Beach – congratulations to the AAEA on the $50K donation today from the TD Bank Charitable Foundation (but that’s another story …) I decided to pop in and see if it was true.

A quick right on Granada Blvd, in Ormond and I was at Dunn’s Attic, home to Rosie’s Cafe. First off, I’ve never been in Dunn’s, but have heard tons of great things about the spot. After interviewing Mr. Dunn for a magazine feature, I was intrigued.

It was so cool. Not only is the place awesome, but the staff was super nice.

And the chicken salad sandwich?

Everything I had hoped it would be. From the thick tomato and crispy onion to the freshly washed lettuce and the soft croissant, the fixin’s were spot on. And then there was the chicken salad itself. Just the right taste and texture, and the cranberries added that extra zing. (Thank you for not shoving nuts in there!) Chunky, mustard-based potato salad made a great side and if you are from the south, get the sweet tea. I’m serious. It’s probably the best sweet tea in Florida.

Rosie’s Cafe definitely makes my list of yummy places.