Alison Rimer was a kind and unassuming volunteer in Flagler County for many years. We pause to pay respect for her hard work and dedication.  

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Alison Rimer (right) with close friend Elinor Goepel in 2017.
Palm Coast resident Alison Rimer was recognized with the “Dedicated Republican Award” by the Flagler County Republican Club on Wednesday evening as part of the Republican Christmas in Flagler event at Channel Side, Palm Coast, presented by Flagler County Commissioner Nate McLaughlin. (2017)
Dedicated volunteers make for a great experience at the Flagler Auditorium. From left, Mary Daly, Alison Rimer, Dorothy Babbitt and Patsy Farmer. (2015)
Jan Blitz, Peggy Pangburm, Johanne Harrington, Elizabeth Caria and Alison Rimer are members of the Flagler County Blanketeers.(2017)