This is a very special week in Flagler County leading up to the Pink On Parade 5K and 1-Mile Fun Walk set for Sunday, October 9th. This week we will feature women who are sharing their battle with breast cancer and stories of survival. We hope it will encourage you if you are in your battle, inspire those who are caregivers and motivate you to walk with us on Sunday.

Please meet Survivor Diane Romeo.

Hi my name is Diane Romeo, I’ve been married for 42 years to the love of my life, we have two grown children who we are super proud of not only for what the have accomplished but for the wonderful goodhearted people they have become. I lived in Long Island New York most of my life and moved to Flagler County in 2009, and Love it very much.

So in 2014 while taking a shower and getting ready for work, I was doing a breast exam which I was always told to do, and I felt this lump under my left breast, my heart literally felt like it stopped beating, and I remember jumping out of the shower and calling my husband, He said and I’ll never forget, Together we got this and whatever happens I’m here and won’t leave your side. My kids were also amazing, my daughter was in Nursing School at the time and so she was well aware of what was going on medically, my son said Mom, we are here with you and we got this as a family we will get through this if it is anything , Please don’t worry .

Fast forward I went for a Mammogram, which led to an ultrasound, then biopsy and then the news, you have Breast Cancer. I couldn’t believe it, I was filled with so many emotions, my family, how long will I be around to make memories with them, can I do treatment and be able to get through it, How and why could this happen, I’m healthy, don’t smoke, don’t drink eat well, etc… My family, sister brothers friends, it took a toll on everyone not just me.

And so the appointments began, I met with a surgeon, I had a lumpectomy, after that it was found I had one out of 7  lymphnodes removed was positive, therefore not only did I need Chemo but radiation as well.

This was more than I thought I could handle.

I had the surgery to remove the mass, and a port was inserted in my chest, I recovered well, after a month of recuperation, I started the Chemo, when I met the Oncologist, he said you can do this but it won’t be easy, do you have a support system and that I did, more of a support system than I ever imagined.

I went through a few months of Chemo, and 29 days straight of Radiation.

My husband sat with me for every treatment and never left me, there was days the nausea would be too much, and being tired would sometimes take over me. But I prayed so hard for healing ,comfort and peace throughout my experience, and that helped me mentally & physically.

It was hard, it was scary, so many worries of what the end result may be.

I walked my 1st Pink Army 5k, with no hair, definitely, not looking how I remembered myself, but my entire family and friends were right along with me.

I never thought I’d make that walk and I am so BLESSED to be on my 8th walk this year.

I still have a hard time talking about this experience, but I got through it with my Faith, Family & Friends

I will always be available to help out anyone who needs to talk, or need someone to listen, I pray my experience can help someone.

Honestly now I know God had me go through this journey for a reason,I’ve learned so much about myself, what is important, and how precious each and everyday is, and most importantly I know have this experience to help other people and there’s nothing more gratifying than that. So it may sound crazy but I am thankful to have gone through this. Make no mistake I pray its something I never have to encounter again but I am blessed 100%.

So lets lean on each other help each other and PLEASE GET YOUR MAMMOGRAMS, and Do your self exams in between. DON’T leave anything you feel isn’t right, thinking its nothing get it checked.

I would like to tell anyone with this diagnosis , keep your faith strong, reach out to your family, and friends, if you don’t want to talk about it don’t, if you need to then do it. Everyone’s experience is different but we all want the same ending SURVIVAL !!!!, I would say stay as active as your body lets, you during treatment, but rest when your body needs it, ITS OKAY NOT TO BE OKAY !!!,

I am available to talk or help anyone who should need.

Thank you to my Husband Robert Romeo, my son Jason Romeo, wife Gigi, my daughter Ashley Romeo, my brothers Barry & Steven Stewart as well as my sister Sharon Stewart.., Sister in laws,  Irene & Jean, so many to mention.

With all your support I am here to say Thank You I am a “SURVIVOR”. We will be walking in the Pink Army as #TEAMROMEO.